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How do you correctly savor Iberico Ham?

How do you correctly savor Ibérico Ham?

There isn’t a list of gourmet products in which Ibérico Ham doesn’t appear. Culinary treasure, Ibérico Ham is one of these delicacies that never dies. A great example is the large number of people who make up its fan club not only in Spain but around the world as well.


It’s for this reason that it is considered a sin to savor it in an incorrect manner when one of these pieces falls in to our hands. And as the same as any good wine, ham also has certain temperatures in which it should be kept, as well as a specific way in which is should be served. These are some tips in order to enjoy it at its full potential:


  • So that it can be experienced at its full potential, in terms of smell and taste, it should be cut in temperatures between 68º- 77º F.


  • To obtain the best cut of Ibérico Ham, it needs to be placed on a portajamones or wooden stand which allows it be positioned perfectly for slicing. Also having a slicing knife that is large, flexible and sharpened appropriately is key. If many slices are cut at a time, it’s a good idea to have a sharpening stone or slab nearby to maintain the knife’s sharpness between each cut.